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The Side Hustle Academy: First Term

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The Side Hustle Academy is the distillation of my experience working and engaging with various side hustles.

Trusting your income to one source is a dangerous game. I've seen too many people get hurt when they put all their eggs in one basket, and someone or something flips the basket.  

If you're looking to boost and diversify your income, you've come to the right place.

This resource is 100% free, but the results totally depend on your effort.

This package includes:

The Side Hustle Academy- A 17-page primer of several side hustles that I have seen work for my friends and family (no dog walking or crayon selling).

Reselling For Beginners- A 12-page document detailing how you can get your eBay store up and running for fast sales and larger margins.

Thoughts on Personal Responsibility- A 2-page document outlining my philosophy behind personal responsibility and how you can untether yourself from your past to take control of your future.

The Get Comfortable Now Plan- 15 steps to improve your financial situation, break down debt, and increase the gap between what you make and what you spend.

Welcome to semester one of The Side Hustle Academy!

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The Side Hustle Academy: First Term

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