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Inflation is eating your paycheck, recession is threatening your job, and you aren’t willing to sit by and risk everything.

The Side Hustle Academy will teach you everything you need to know to fulfill the Rational Buck motto: "Cash In On Your Passion". You'll learn practical skills, specific side hustles, and receive growth and mindset focused material with more being added!

This material includes specific deep guides for side hustles (like flipping and vending), broad business advice, tips on wealth strategies, marketing, and much more.

All of this is free ($0.00, zip, nada) if you just use the code “Freedom”. If you opt to pay, I appreciate the support! It helps keep this content coming.

Current Content:

The Side Hustle Academy: First Term- a quick guide to an entrepreneurial mindset and all the side hustles I've personally tried or seen succeed in my inner circle.

Selling Used Books For Big Profits- A narrated PowerPoint presentation (and PDF slides) breaking down how to make money reselling used books for huge margins.

The Vending Machine CEO Handbook- A detailed e-book about how I started a vending machine business with our family that spanned over 160 machines and all you need to know to start one yourself.

Reselling for Beginners- A list of 36 tips and tricks to reselling with pictures, links and more. Learn how to sell more, sell faster, and make bigger profits all with fewer headaches.

The Get Comfortable Now Plan- An e-book where I detail 15 steps I took to acquire and maintain a healthy bank account and financial peace.

Thoughts on Personal Responsibility- A quick two page essay where I lay out the importance of personal responsibility in conquering the adversity in your life.

ENS Domain Flipping- A 4-page guide to ENS domains, what they are, and how to make money flipping them.

With more content on the horizon, I promise you'll get value out of your membership.

*Of important note, none of these works contain or should be construed as financial advice. I am not your financial advisor though I suggest you find a good one! These are just tips from my experiences in these fields that you may benefit from. Enjoy!

This product is not currently for sale.

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The Side Hustle Academy

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