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The Vending Machine CEO Handbook

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The Vending Machine CEO Handbook

Rational Buck Pod
4 ratings

If you're like me, you've been looking for a mostly passive income stream to bring in some extra cash. Maybe you're even open to expanding it into a full-time business to escape your 9 to 5. 

Perhaps, like me, you'd heard about the potential of vending machines, but you weren't sure how to get started.

You are exactly the person I created this course for.

For several years, my family and I have been working to build our own vending machine empire. When we only had ten machines, we were making over $5,000 in profit every year while holding down our own full-time jobs. 

Now we have more than 150 machines and the profit has grown dramatically as we fine-tuned our processes. 

I've distilled what I consider to be the most important things to know when you start your company into one course.

By taking this course you will learn how to:

- Start your business

- Buy your own machines

- Stock the machines 

- Scout potential locations

- Create $1,000s in profit

This course is all you need to get started and get profitable! It includes free follow-up access for any further questions you might have specific to your case.

NOTE: Active military, veterans, and active/ retired first responders are welcome to use code "honor" for 50% off.

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The Vending Machine CEO Handbook PDF & Follow-up questions answered!

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